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We’ve changed more than 100 000 lives to have better and safer periods, becoming the world’s lead menstrual cup donor.
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  • Ruby Cup is the cup that changes lives
  • 100% vegan & Plastic free
  • Perfect size and shape for beginners
  • Durable, medical-grade silicone lasts 10 years
  • 120-day Money Back Guarantee
Includes Donation
Easy To Use
Money Back Guarantee

Ruby Cup

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100% Money Back Guarantee: Switch size or get a full refund within 120 days, no questions asked.

100% medical-grade silicone: Premium quality material without any harmful chemicals or bleach. No BPA. No latex. Vegan. CPSIA and ISO10993 compliant.

Easy to use, thanks to its unique features:

- soft and flexible enough to fold easily for insertion;

- firm rim that ensures it pops open and creates a leak-free seal every time;

- filled stem & extra grip features for easy removal;

- 4 airholes for easier suction release.

Buy One, Give One! Every purchase includes a donation to someone without access to menstrual products.

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Add Another Ruby Cup
Ruby Cup
Ruby Cup

Get both sizes for your light and heavy days, to get a spare to keep in your go-bag or to share the expenses with a friend.

(Note: only one discounted cup can be bought per full price cup bought).

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Keep Your Cup Clean

The Ruby Steriliser makes sterilising your cup a breeze. Simply fill with water and pop into the microwave or oven to boil for a few minutes.

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Give an Extra Cup

Your purchase of a Ruby Cup already includes giving another cup. Click here to give yet another person 10 years of safe, convenient, worry-free periods.

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120 day money back guarantee

What’s In the Box?
Your Very Own Ruby Cup

100% soft, medical-grade silicone, i.e., your ticket to safe, comfortable and fuss-free periods for the next 10 years.

A User Guide To Help You Get Started

Learn how to use your brand new menstrual cup with our straightforward beginners’ guide, which  includes videos, diagrams, and step by step instructions. 

Your Ruby Cup Donation + Menstrual Health Workshop

Your donation is more than just a cup. You’re also giving women and girls access to educational workshops where they will learn about menstrual care and reproductive health.


light to medium flow, average to low cervix, 2-3 tampons capacity (24 ml)


medium to heavy flow, average to high cervix, 3-4 tampons capacity (24 ml)


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