Ruby Cup benefits

Ruby Cup is simple, reliable and has great menstrual cup benefits that other period products don’t have. It is great for your body, your life and your pocket!

Have a look at the key benefits, and compare them to the other period products out there.

Comparison: Ruby Cup vs. pads and tampons

Let‘s look at the other period products, and see how they compare. We compare the things that you need, and the things that matter most during your period:

Ruby Cup vs. pads:

  • once inserted, you don’t see or feel it
  • no skin irritations or rashes
  • no dampness

Ruby Cup vs. tampons:

  • no toxins, bleaches or other chemicals inside your vagina
  • Ruby Cup collects the blood and doesn’t not dry you out like a tampon
  • drastically decreases the risk of yeast and other infections
  • basically invisible – no fear of that blue string peeking out

Ruby Cup lifestyle

Ruby Cup is a clever little thing, and it can adapt to your lifestyle, give you freedom, comfort and plenty of confidence. Using Ruby Cup means you can exercise freely and socialise every day of the month. It is reliable, economical and healthy – everything you need for a balanced life. Have a look at our page How To Use, to see its simple usage.

Check out some lifestyle extras that make Ruby Cup a positive choice for a busy woman:

Work & Play. You can work all day and play all night, with a menstrual cup there are no limitations.

Exercise freely with no worries about leaking or showing.

Sleep right through the night, your cup can be worn for up to 12 hours.

Travel with ease, you don’t need to plan ahead for packing or disposal.

Go for it; do yoga, go swimming, go shopping and enjoy partying.

Just in case that isn’t enough, Ruby Cup can also do surprising things for your sex life! Our blog post shares some secrets about Ruby Cup & Orgasms, check it out.

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Now you know some great menstrual cup benefits, but to find out more about how to make the switch, or for any product, lifestyle or health questions, have a look at our further information below: