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The Ruby Cup Medium & Ruby Steriliser combo is ideal for beginners. 

The Ruby Cup is a menstrual cup that can be reused for up to ten years and gives you safe, comfortable, fuss-free period protection. Ruby Cup’s are made of soft medical grade silicone.  

El recipiente plegable Ruby Esterilizador es el compañero perfecto para hervir y desinfectar su copa menstrual entre períodos.

This combo includes a medium cup + steriliser in the same colour. Clic aquí if you want to choose a different size/mixed colours.

Buy One, Give One! Every purchase includes a donation to someone without access to menstrual products. This month we're featuring our partner Golden Girls, an organisation that tackles period poverty in Kenya.

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Ruby Cup
Ruby Cup
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What's in the box
One Medium Ruby Cup
One Ruby Steriliser
Your Ruby Cup Donation + Menstrual Health Workshop
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