Menstrual Cramps And Cherries

Is your uterus rioting again like a teenager on the peak of puberty? Then you know it’s time to roll up into fetus position and moan: “Damn you, menstrual cramps!”

We feel ya. Painful periods suck and there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of self-pity and complaining. But instead of grumbling and feeling sorry all the time, we decided to find a way to deal with those menstrual cramps. There are actually a few things you can do for period pain relief.

Period cramps – 3 ways how to stop them

Heat it up.

I don’t know about you, but when I have a bad fit of the cramps I feel like duct taping a hot water bottle to my belly. My uterus just seems to love it warm and cosy! But that’s not really a surprise since the heat will make your tense muscles relax. However, we have discovered something that is even better than a hot water bottle. What is that, you ask? 3 words: Cherry Stone Pillow!

We’re huge fans of those little pillows! They are more compact and lighter on your bladder, the stones are heat-retaining and the best part is, the texture of the stones inside the pillow massages your abdomen. This increases the blood flow and is the answer to stopping your cramps and help with painful periods.

Tip: have a nice warm bath and then hop into bed with that cherry stone pillow.  And if you feel particularly decadent, add a few drops of essential oils on your pillow!

Your uterus wants gourmet.

The cherry stone pillow is just one part of relieving you from the worst period cramps. It can’t do all the magic by itself. Additionally, make sure you drink enough water and tea. Especially ginger and chamomile tea are two of my favourites. Also, add a few greens to your diet to combat those cramps. To stop cramps, eat these veggies to make sure you get the right minerals and vitamins.

You won’t like what you’ll read next, so please don’t hate me. But you should actually avoid consuming a lot of sugar and alcohol if you have bad cramps. Unfortunately, munching away on tons of chocolate won’t be the best thing to do. (Though a bite of a chocolate bar, a cookie or a scoop of ice cream is still totally legit, I promise!

Treat yourself.

Don’t hate your body for doing this to you. Loathing your body for having your period will not make those menstrual cramps go away. In fact, a lot of stress can make them worse!

So, feel free to moan about period pain, complain about it, but also acknowledge that this is a part of your monthly cycle. You’re entitled to some amount of self-pity and me-time. So the next time those cramps come knocking on your uterus wall, snuggle up in bed with some tea, a good episode of Friends or a book and, of course, don’t forget your Cherry Stone Pillow!


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