How to clean the suction holes of your menstrual cup


Cleaning your menstrual cup is as easy as 1-2-3. Boiling it for max 5 minutes after or before each menstrual cycle will disinfect it and make it safe to use for another round next month. But every once in a while, we recommend that you check the tiny suction holes of your menstrual cup.

Because periods are not just blood, it can happen that some uterine lining will get stuck inside and block the suction holes. The suction holes are an important part of the menstrual cup, because they help release the suction when you need to remove it.  So having blocked suction holes might make it more difficult to get the cup out.

The easiest way to clean the suction holes

One of the reasons this method is our favourite way of cleaning the suction holes of the Ruby Cup is because it’s  also the easiest one. And all you need is:

  • water

Yeah, that’s it! I told you it would be easy :)  Plus, we gave this technique a fun name (we didn’t invent this technique, we just thought we’d give it a name): We call it the Squeeze’n’Flush.

How it works

1.) wash your hands and let the water run warm

2.) fill the cup with water


3.) place your hand over it so it’s completely covered

4.) then squeeze the cup so that the water gets pressed through the little suction holes

Et voila, the residue will be flushed out, hence: Squeeze’n’Flush.


  • If you boil your Ruby Cup before this process, the residue will get flushed out easier.
  • When squeezing the cup place it as far down in the sink as possible. Water will squirt through the holes quite rapidly, so make sure it doesn’t go all over the place but stays in your sink.
  • Try making this move a routine. Every time you empty your cup, Squeeze’n’Flush and you’re chance of besetting blocks in the suction holes is basically zero.

Here’s also a great video by menstrual cup queen Bryony from Precious Star Pads:

General info on cleaning your menstrual cup’s suction holes

You can find many tips on how to clean your menstrual cup in online groups and forums discussing everything about menstrual cups. But not all suggested cleaning options are very gentle to the medical grade silicone. Keep in mind, your Ruby Cup can last for many many years but only if you care for it.

Here’s a list of cleaning methods, we think works fine for the silicone material, if carefully applied:

  • with toothpicks
  • needles
  • interdental brushes 
  • tooth-brushes

If the suction holes are very tiny, like they are in the Ruby Cup, they will be too small for toothpicks. Please, don’t force the toothpick through the holes as you will damage the cup. Instead, try needles. But be very careful, as of not to damage the silicone and impact the lifespan of your cup. Plus, there is a much easier way to clean those suction holes, just check our Squeeze’n’Flush method above.