Distributing Menstrual Cups in Kenya

We have a new partner helping us accomplish more change. We launched our collaboration with ARRIVE Kenya  last week.  100 Ruby Cups arrived in the southwestern part of rural Kenya. Ruby Cup Trainer Vanessa went there to explain the world of menstrual cups to a class of girls, who are struggling with healthy menstrual management every month.

Distribution of Ruby Cups & Menstrual Management Workshop

No Ruby Cup distribution happens without a menstrual health and management workshop. The new users were taught about the female anatomy and reproductive health. This part is specifically important, as many girls have not been told what menstruation or the menstrual cycle is, leaving them terrified and helpless when they get their periods.

My family doesn’t have enough money for pads and now I am not scared of my monthly period after receiving my Ruby Cup. – New Ruby Cup User

A Ruby Cup improves their lives in many ways. It can help them break out of the vicious circle of periods and poverty and empower them with knowledge about their bodies and their cycle, hence helping them take control.

Arrive’s Mission & Ruby Cup

We love the approach Arrive Kenya chooses. They are an organization that focuses on positive action and sustainable advancement to empower children in impoverished regions by providing shelter, promoting good health, offering access to education and giving at risk children tools and opportunities for a successful, independent, and fulfilling life.

Adding to this, they are now also working towards better menstrual health management for girls. We’re happy to work together with Arrive and share our knowledge on the distribution of menstrual cups.

Above all, we are thankful for another amazing organization breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation and now also taking Ruby Cup into the rural areas of Kenya.

Ruby Cup Trainer Vanessa with some of the girls that got a Ruby Cup that day

About Arrive Kenya

Arrive is a certified non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of the most vulnerable children around the world. In partnership with local organizations, Arrive restores hope and self-confidence by empowering at-risk youth, orphans, and street children.  More information about their project on